A Hand Over the Window

Tonight was so wonderful; I feel like a happy high schooler.

Later, for the first time, I talked to the Obese Unicorn like he were real.
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I'm waiting for my glass of water

I ended up not seeing the new Bond movie because I was too afraid it'd suck. I'll probably wait a couple weeks to see a matinée. At least, Synecdoche, New York was great. I can't wait to see that again. Kramers Ergot 7 may be mine in ten days.
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this is pretty embarassing, looking back

i believe i am drunk, at this very moment.

i had seven shots, of something called ROUTE 100, and i also had shots of .... vodka? even though i swore not to.

well, anyhoo, that's it. i'm off to a frat party. i feel like a douche. okay, shit man.

i am going to drunk more, route 100. it tastes like root beer (with a seething alcohol aftertaste).

i hope, that... i am not embarassed by this later.
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ooie .. ooie

Things have been pretty great.

First semester was, overall, good. grades were pretty nice, parties were bumpin', rooftops were barren, and lunch trays were stolen and used as sleds (on the greatest day ever).

Winter break has been pretty fantastic, i got a lot of comic work done, and received a lot of nice feedback, the most impressive being from a great, great chicago cartoonist.

This semester should be good, seeing as I'll start my life as a printmaking major (digging myself deeper into the hole that will be my destitute future).

As of now, my future seems to be a life as a longshoreman in Quebec or as a cabinboy on an Arctic ship (the adventures of which have been chronicled here). I'm really hoping I figure out how to print my stuff this semester.

I argued with a manager at work for fifteen minutes straight today, but was saved by my overall jolly nature, and the general manager. It was pretty intense, but it was my last day, and it was raining, so it was good.

I'm working on my application to the Center for Cartoon Studies, my apparent dream school, in Vermont. I'd love to go next year, as unlikely as it may be. Still, I'm allowing myself this one dream.

Here's hoping this semester is endless crunking.

for speech

EDIT- Thank you Ian and Carly!

dear hopefully ten people on my friend's list.

please fill out the following survey. it's for my final speech. i'm doing one on why people should not go to art school (i don't believe in that shiznite, i just wanted a challenge and to have some fun).

the answers don't have to be elaborate. bring whatever opinions you have. those in opposition would probably help me moreso. i know it's very broad, but it's mostly bullshit.

1. How significant a role does art play in your life (museums, read about art, own or create art).

2. Do you feel that art can be taught?

3. Do you feel that it is easy for someone to make a living off of their own art?

4. Would you spend four years of your life training for a career in a field in which you are very unlikely to find success (moreso than others i guess)?

5. Would you spend the amount of money, for four years, for a career in a field in which sucess is very unlikely?

6. Do you think that people should be allowed in art school, regardless of their skill, but rather, their money?

7. How practical a career choice do you consider art?

8. Has art, in any form, ever helped you?

9. What is your general opinion about art students?

10. Do you think art has any integral role in our world, and the future?

so, matt, katie, sharkey, ian, mike, sara, car, abby, erinn, joey, i'd appreciate the help.

i can screen comments later if necessary.

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thank you for trains, cheap fruit soda, star wars, late nights, movie theaters full of asslamps, comics, old people, self-confidence.
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